Createx KIT-F10 Flourescent 10 Airbrush Colors 2 oz Bottles

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CREATEX AIRBRUSH COLORS are ready to use professional grade airbrush colors which are manufactured with the highest quality control standards. Createx uses the finest pigments available and the colors have a brightness and richness unmatched by others. These colors can be used on a variety of surfaces (i.e. fabrics, leather, canvas, paper, wood, ceramics, and clay) with permanent results. Createx Colors also produces airbrush additives and mediums which allow artists to "customize" the colors for specific applications. INFORMATION FOR ALL THE COLOR TYPES THAT CREATEX HAS: Transparent, Fluorescent, Opaque, Pearlized, Iridescent, and Additives. CREATEX AIRBRUSH COLOR TYPES - TRANSPARENT: For white and light colored surfaces only.Add Opaque Medium for opacity or to create pastel colors. May be intermixed with all other Createx Airbrush Colors. FLUORESCENT: For white and light colored surfaces. For coverage on dark surfaces, base coat surface with Opaque White. Mix with transparent, pearlized, or other fluorescent colors. OPAQUE: For both light and dark colored surfaces. Add Airbrush Extender to increase transparency. Add Opaque Medium to create pastel colors. May be mixed with other opaque or transparent colors. PEARLIZED: Covers both light and dark colored surfaces. Colors have a shimmering metallic finish. Mix with other pearlized, transparent, fluorescent, iridescent, and chameleons. CRE KIT-F10 contains 1 each: CRE 5401-2Z 2-oz. Fluor Violet CRE 5402-2Z 2-oz. Fluor Raspberry CRE 5403-2Z 2-oz. Fluor Blue CRE 5404-2Z 2-oz. Fluor Green CRE 5405-2Z 2-oz. Fluor Yellow CRE 5406-2Z 2-oz. Fluor Magenta CRE 5407-2Z 2-oz. Fluor Hot Pink CRE 5408-2Z 2-oz. Fluorescent Red CRE 5409-2Z 2-oz. Fluor Orange CRE 5410-2Z 2-oz. Fluor Sunburst CRE 5618-2Z 2-oz. Createx Cleaner


  • 2 oz Bottles


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