Studio Acrylics Mediums, Studio Bindex 1-Liter

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Studio Acrylics range of auxiliaries allow for the further expansion of creative possibilities when painting with Acrylic paints. Within this range, you are sure to find the perfect auxiliary to render the desired effect whether it be volume, special effects or final aspect of the painted surface. Studio Bindex non-yellowing liquid binder for the preparation of the colours is the perfect medium to use for collages and inlays. When mixed with colors, Bindex adds depth and brightness. Translucent and indelible once dry, it gives a flexible and satin film. Conforms to ASTM D-4236.


  • Non-yellowing liquid binder in 1000ml jar for the preparation of colors
  • Can be applied on canvas, cardboard, wood, metal (suitable for most surfaces)
  • Can be used for collages and inlays and mixed with acrylic colors for adding depth and brightness transluscent and indelible it gives a supple satin film
  • Clean brushes and painting knives with soapy water
  • Keep away from cold


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