How to Draw Faces

How to Draw Faces

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  • RapidFireArt

    **UPDATE: After receiving a lot of feedback about the speed of this video, I'm going to re-upload it so it's a lot slower for beginners and include a few more details in my instruction. Thanks for all your feedback guys!

    August 14, 2018 at 9:56 pm
  • Anurag Agarwal

    Wonder work!

    August 14, 2018 at 10:27 pm
  • Cactus Joe

    my boi got some thicc lips

    August 14, 2018 at 11:20 pm
  • Róbert Flórián

    it's beautiful, I am started to learning to draw a few weeks ago, this video helped me a lot. Thank You. Also helped me – it is a realistic pencil portrait mastery home study course.

    August 14, 2018 at 11:44 pm
  • Lucas Woo

    Thank you so much! This made me BIG jump in art class, and FINALLY! I can draw a face!

    August 15, 2018 at 12:22 am
  • Imogen Pr

    Anyone else’s nose looks like an upside down tree!????

    August 15, 2018 at 12:31 am
  • Jonas T

    I thoroughly enjoyed this thank you.

    August 15, 2018 at 1:16 am
  • 10 Minute Drawing

    Wow…… ???


    August 15, 2018 at 1:30 am
  • Iuliana Zamfir

    Am reusit sa il desenez pe baiat ?Mi-a plăcut mult videoclipul❤

    August 15, 2018 at 2:20 am
  • Luna Bella

    Lol so Mine Looks Like Hes Making a duckface but OK im gonna practice

    August 15, 2018 at 2:29 am
  • Emily Ha

    I ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ ART

    August 15, 2018 at 2:47 am
  • Taylor Wyant

    Personally I found this very helpful. THANK THE HEAVENS FOR THIS VIDEO!!!

    August 15, 2018 at 3:24 am
  • The Kids Family

    That look like Justin Bieber

    August 15, 2018 at 3:33 am
  • Jihan pc


    August 15, 2018 at 4:19 am
  • Eimy Ayala

    this helped me alot even tho i struggled and gave up the last time just tell yourself dont quit and you can do it like i did (not as well as hers/his but o whale) =)

    August 15, 2018 at 5:00 am
  • Hacker Resurrected

    Heheheh Imma use my compass and rulers this is awesome
    The only thing I manage to draw that looks realistic is a bunny

    August 15, 2018 at 5:35 am
  • Rahul Sadu


    August 15, 2018 at 5:50 am

    But seriousness. This is amazing you did a great job

    August 15, 2018 at 5:53 am

    Bruh looks stoned ??

    August 15, 2018 at 6:31 am
  • muhammad mashhood

    Oh My God

    August 15, 2018 at 7:16 am

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