• Face Paint Kit for Kids – 12 Water Based, Quick Dry, Non-Toxic Sensitive Skin Paints, 2 Glitters – 2 Sponge Applicators…

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    PAINT KID’S FACES LIKE A PROFESSIONAL with our face painting kit for kids – Adi’s Art Pro professional standard kids’ face painting kits allows you to do just that. In this kit you have everything you need to paint your own children’s faces or to start a lucrative face painting for parties, business.
    THE FULL, EASY TO USE SET – In this set, you receive: * 10 water-based, matte paints built-in to your pallet * 2 larger pots of black and white paint (the most used colors) * 2 pots of silver and gold glitter * 2 sponge applicators * 2 professional grade paint brushes of a very high caliber * 40 stick-on face painting stencils to give you the basic shape to start with and get the imaginative juices flowing.
    BE A GREAT FACE PAINTER – Even if you’re just starting out and you don’t have a clue… that’s o.k. because Adi’s kit is designed for both hobbyists and professionals. All the paints are water activated and non-toxic. The most noticeable difference between this set and others, is the PROFESSIONAL GRADE paint brushes. You can’t get a professional looking design with poor quality brushes.