• AspireColor Alcohol Markers Set – 80 Colors Dual Tip Sketch Markers for Adults Kids – Bonus Fineliner Pen, Colorless…

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    ♥ BEAUTIFUL COLOR SELECTION: Bring your art to life with vibrant, unique art marker colors, including SKIN TONES and PASTELS, (with no duplicates or colors so similar they’re essentially useless), so whether you’re sketching or getting cozy with a coloring book, AspireColor Alcohol Markers give you every color you desire; BLEND SHADES BEAUTIFULLY with alcohol based ink that also reduces coloring lines, helping even beginners create professional effects
    ♥ MARKERS BUILT TO LAST: No one wants to open a new marker set only to find art pens that are dried out; AspireColor Sketch Markers last through many art projects with higher ink volume and an intelligent cap design that PREVENTS MARKERS FROM DRYING OUT; ♥ TWO PENS IN ONE: Save money and space with artist TWIN TIP MARKERS that allow you to create fine details with the bullet tip or broad, sweeping strokes with the chisel tip as you escape the world and immerse yourself in art
    ♥ FIND THE PERFECT COLOR FAST: With COLOR-CODED CAPS that actually match the ink color, caps clearly printed with the art markers’ COLOR NAME AND NUMBER (and won’t smudge off), and a PRINTABLE COLOR CHART to swatch your drawing pens, you’ll never waste time searching for the perfect color