• Arts and Crafts for Kids – Animal Rock Painting Kit with 1 Turtle+2 Frogs Rocks for Painting – DIY Creative Craft Kits…

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    【 Animal Rock Painting Kit 】 This rock painting kit including 1 turtle, 2 frogs shaped rocks, 12 colors acrylic paint, 2 brushes, 1 palette.
    【 Arts and Crafts for Kids 】 As a STEM activity, this rock pets set is also a perfect craft that will stimulate your kid’s art inspiration, fosters your kid’s key abilities including fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, imagination, socialization and more.
    【 Animal Rocks for Painting 】 Bingo Castle uses cement + rock powder materials hand-maded and polished these rocks, which kept the nature rock’s texture weight hardness and easy for details painting

  • Bingo Castle Rock Painting Kit – Big Polished White-Grey Rocks for Painting, Arts and Crafts for Kids Age’s 12+ Acrylic…

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    დ Rock Painting Kit for Kids: This rock painting kit includes everything you need: 9 polished rocks range 2~3 inches, 12 colors acrylic paint, 30 transfer design stenciles, 2 brushes, 8 googly eyes, sponge, palette, painting manual.
    დ 2-3 Inches Light-grey Smooth Rocks Easy to Paint: Bingo Castle uses Cement+rock powders materials hand polished these rocks, which avoid most river rocks defects such as: crack marks, rough surface, mottled… And also kept the nature river rock’s features: hardness, weight and texture. This rock painting kit is perfect for both primary and professional rock painting lovers.
    დ 12 Colors Acrylic Paint Special for Rocks Painting: High concentration acrylic paint that designed special for this rock painting kit, you don’t need to apply paint on the rock over and over again.