• MILO 51 pc Complete Artist Painting Set with Tabletop Wood Easel Box, Stretched Canvas, 18 Acrylic Paint Colors, 10 pc…

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    PRE-STRETCHED CANVAS: The Milo 51 piece arts and crafts painting set includes two blank white stretched canvases for painting sizes 16×12 and 12×12. A perfect painting starter set kit for all ages, boys and girls.
    ACRYLIC PAINT: 18 colors acrylic painter set in 12ml paint tubes. The acrylic paint tubes have a variety of different colors of high quality acrylic paint.
    BRUSH SET: 10 golden taklon long handle brushes in various sizes. The paint brushes each have a long wooden handle and include a range of different filaments including flat, round, and filbert.

  • milo Alcohol Based Double Sided Art Markers | 24 pc Brush and Chisel Tip Marker Set

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    BRUSH MARKER & CHISEL TIP: Dual tip art markers with high quality nibs. Use the pointed brush tip for detailed designs and brush strokes and use the chisel tip marker for wider strokes. Great for coloring books, adult coloring, and calligraphy
    ALCOHOL-BASED INK: long-lasting permanent marker ink, each marker has high quality ink. Milo Art Marker Sets work well for coloring books, drawing, sketching, and other arts and crafts
    MULTI-PURPOSE MARKER SET: Coloring, Sketch, Design, Professional Art Markers. All purpose coloring marker set. Ideal for manga, design, architecture, pen coloring, doodle, blending, and sketch. Stay organized with the convenient storage box