• Exclusive Mica Powder Cosmetic Grade Pigments for Art Epoxy Resin, Soap Making, Bath Bombs, Candles, Slime Supplies…

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    MICA POWDER PIGMENTS SET – We have collected a large variety of colors for you: 24 magnificent pigments individually packed in 3 grams (0.1 oz) bags.
    COSMETIC GRADE MICA POWDER PIGMENTS – Аll our mica powder pigments are organic and natural, you can use them easily even for nail polish and cosmetics: makeup, eye shadows and lip gloss.
    USE THEM FOR ALL YOUR PROJECTS – Epoxy resin and resin art, plasti dip and automotive paints, slimes for kids, candles, soap making, bath bombs (use with polysorbate 80 or analog to avoid sticking and stains), for nail polish, lip gloss, eye shadows and cosmetics.