• Leakproof Watercolor Palette 24-Wells with 2+1 Additional Spacious Mixing Areas, Blue Folding Peel-Off Palette for…

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    Keeps Paint Fresh – This palette has a silicone seal on the lid, which is great for keeping the paint moist. Simply use it as a storage of your colors protected from light and in a dustfree environment. Wet the colors with a sponge when dry and simply reuse them
    Easy to Clean – super flat, non-porous surface allows you to easily wash-out and clean colors on your pallete without any residuals. So you never have to worry about your new color being impure
    Large Capacity – Keep your colors tidy and organised with 24 slanted wells and 2 spacious mixing areas. In addition it has 1 large color mixing tray that opens up once you unfold the palette- a huge surface of flat mixing area becomes available. Moreover you can remove the large mixing tray and another area of the same size becomes available for color mixing