• Pigment Powder Mica Epoxy Resin Color- 25 Colors 8.82oz 250g Resin Pigment for DIY Arts, Crafts, Bath Bombs, Paint…

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    WUKING Pigment Powder – Designed for DIY arts and crafts this titanium dioxide is a colorant for homemade candles, lip balms, epoxy resins, and homemade projects.
    Enhanced Fineness and Purity – We use ultra-fine mica pearls that blend in more efficiently and effectively to create higher-quality dyes, lotions, creams or cosmetics.
    Tinting, Coloring, or Shading – A variety of Cobalt, Cairbbean, Glacier, Violet, Sunburst, Emerald, Turquoise, Chartreuse, Sage, Citron, Magenta, Pewter, Silver, Steel, Titanium, Onyx, Goldensand, Bronze, Copper, 24K Gold, Ocean, Amethyst, Dusk, Shiraz, Scarlet vibrant colors creates stunning personal and professional-grade items.