PointZero Airbrush Mini Sandblaster Air Eraser Glass Etcher

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PZ-314XS handheld etcher from PointZero Airbrush is also known as an air eraser or mini-sandblaster. The round-pattern nozzle (0.5mm) of this tool sprays abrasive powder for a variety of uses; etching glass, plastic, metal or other materials, cleaning paint, discolorations, corrosion and rust from jewelry or other small items, erasing defects from artwork, and adding weathering effects to models, as well as many other applications. The gravity-feed, 15cc cup has a screw-on cover and built-in, material flow control adjustment. Inline moisture filter attaches directly to the air inlet on the etcher and doubles as a handle; providing an improved grip on the unit. Water and other contaminates are captured from the airflow by a small-micron brass element and collected in a bowl at the bottom of the filter. Bowl features a spring-loaded valve for easy draining of any accumulated water. Boxed set also includes 6' braided hose, hanging bracket, 150 gram bottle of fast-cutting, 220-grit, aluminum-oxide abrasive compound, and disposable face mask (we recommend the use of a cartridge respirator). Single-action trigger. Requires an air supply with a working pressure of 30 to 50 psi. Etcher and hose have standard 1/8" BSP fittings. As an added bonus, access to the following exclusive airbrushing guide downloads is included: Top 8 Cake Airbrushing Tips, Guide to Airbrush Cake Decorating, Developing Basic Artistic Skills, 10 Essential Airbrushing Tips, Airbrushing Strokes and Techniques, Airbrush Cleaning Manual, and the Airbrush Lettering Guide.


  • Air eraser & mini-sandblaster
  • Precision-crafted body provides a balanced feel in the hand
  • Includes 7 exclusive downloadable e-Book airbrushing guides.


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