Sparmax Pistol Grip GP850 Spray Gun Airbrush

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Sparmax Spray Guns have ergonomic and comfortable hand grips for spraying for long periods of time. The GP850 is a double-action airbrush with a color flow pre-set feature. 0.5mm nozzle and 2 air caps for both round and fan spray patterns. A large 125cc screw-on bottle fits onto the 2cc gravity-feed color cup for large spray areas. An excellent choice for spray tanning.


  • Sparmax Spray Gun with ergonomic and comfortable grip
  • The GP-850 Airbrush has a color flow preset feature
  • Double action with pistol grip
  • 0.5mm nozzle size with 2cc metal cup and 125ml bottle
  • Adjustable spray patterns - round and fan


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