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Another Tutorial Step By Step Oil Painting Landscape Using Only 5 Colors By Yasser Fayad ياسر فياض

RELATED PRODUCTS: Light and Shadow- Monochromatic and Value Based Approaches in Charcoal, Oil and Ink This book details my approach to monochromatic and value based works in a variety of mediums. 120 full color pages. 6 Full tutorials. Several progress tutorials. Galleries featuring over 90 paintings and artwork made using the methods explained in the book. Price: Dazzling Colors (Color Bar Solid Gouache Tutorial) (Chinese Edition) This is the first book in China which introduces the teaching methods and techniques of color bar [...]


Easy Beginner Tutorial Autumn Forest Landscape with Deer Silhouette Acrylic Painting LIVE

RELATED PRODUCTS: Photo-Imaging for Painters An Artist's Guide to Adobe® Photoshop®, including supplemental instructions for use with Adobe® Elements® V3.0. NOTE: It is intended that you have Adobe® Photoshop® Version 6, Version 7, or Adobe® PhotoshopCS® in order to follow this tutorial step-by-step; however, adequate cross-referencing is provided to be able to also use Adobe® Elements® V3.0 as well, as it also contains most of the necessary functions. Essentially, for the purposes of this book, Adobe® Photshop® Elements V3.0 c List Price: [...]


Tutorial Step By Step Oil Painting Landscape Using Only 5 Colors By Yasser Fayad

RELATED PRODUCTS: IS EASY TO PAINT IN OIL IF YOU KNOW HOW TO Book for beginners and amateurs. I was once fortunate to meet a great realist master painter, for whom I have always felt a great deal of admiration and respect. He took me under his wing and devoted all his attention to me as his only student. I took good note of all his teachings, and I'm honored to share these with you as a memoir. [...]